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Meet Nova Higgins, a fun-loving, silver-tongued woman with a bone to pick. After learning that the relationship with her sons’ father was coming to a grueling end Nova turned to YouTube to vent her frustrations. Blaming her hair strands amongst other things as reasons why her relationship had gone sour—sparking the attention of men and woman in the urban communities who found themselves dealing with similar experiences.

When the subscribers went up and the checks came in the mail, Nova was astonished to learn that so many women were too hearing: “You’re pretty for a Dark-skin girl." But as the fame came, so did the responsibility of keeping up her image and building a brand, causing Nova to lose sight of the most important thing—her son. Even My Hair Is Mad is an exciting story of a woman who turned her pain into profit, but comes close to losing the one person she could have never imagined living without, faced with an ultimatum of choosing fame over family, which will Nova choose?



The Series Shelf items available in our Golden Box is a collection of novels written for your enjoyment with stories containing a reprise of previous characters. The Signature Series includes Even My Hair Is Mad, The Dolls and Mr. Signature. Our Signature Golden Box contains all three books and a golden award for one lucky box purchase. The Winter Series featuring Detective Big Red includes Winter’s Tulips, Covenant: The Sister Series Compilation and Red Nose. We also have available The Green Trees Series including titles such as Green Trees and Hot Pink.  These books can be read as standalone novels, but for maximum enjoyment, it's always better to read them in order.

The Green Trees Series

The Signature Series

The Winter Series
The Yellow Brownstone
Rescued from an abusive household, Irving Houston grows up with his foster mother but struggles to fit in and adapt to his new life. For years, Irving is standoffish, drowning himself in reading materials, enhancing both his book and street smarts. After landing in a coma from being bludgeoned by his abusive father, Irving is a rare case that happens to live and regain his vitality and abundant intellect. When his mentor passes away, leaving Irving an inheritance worth millions he finds himself in West Point Military Academy where he meets the love of his life, before learning his true passion: Becoming the Leader of the Free World. Now a man on the road to presidency, he must figure out how to hide his true sexual preference and avoid placing his loved ones in harm’s way—but will he be successful?

America, it's #inauguration day

"My mind is a wounded place..."
- Lisa K. Stephenson, 2019

When visited by a young stranger Vernette is asked to recall the most painful time in her life; the time she was convicted for first-degree murder. As the story unfolds we learn that Vernette Robinson had been a benevolent and humble individual before she murders her sibling. Driven from the jealousy manifesting itself within her from the tender age of eleven in Baton Rouge, LA where she was born and partially raised, Vernette did not take the relocation to the New York City streets well.

But just as if it looks like her life will be overshadowed by her tempest sibling, Vernette learns that her emotions are not her own, rather that of an unseen force of evil. When her younger sister Veronica begins living the life Vernette had envisioned for herself, she grows to envy her. The woman hidden deep inside eclipsed by her free-spirited, pulchritudinous younger sister is prompted to action when she finds herself behind bars for a crime she had committed but was not mentally present for.

However, proving her innocence turns out to be the least of her problems. As Vernette fights for her freedom she fights her demons within, combating a demonic possession that only she is privy to. Coming to grips with it all, she discovers at its center something far more insidious than she could have imagined: the generation curse she is forced to endure leads directly back to an ugly secret Vernette would have never wanted to know.