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Late Bloomer is Lisa K. Stephenson’s newest romance novel introducing Noel-Lee Kwon. Noel is a hardworking, eclectic, free-spirited bachelorette. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree, she embarked on a journey outside of her hometown of Seattle, Washington. Living single and dancing in the dating pool is proving itself to be rather exciting, however, with her thirties beginning to rear its ugly head, Noel finds her self at a cross-road. Should she settle down and become the woman society says she should be at her age: a loving mother and nurturing wife? Or, should she continue on her path avoiding the responsibility of family all together? Well, those questions got answered when she found herself pregnant by a man, she had least expected. But will he be enough to satiate her desires?

This Valentine's Day, Give the Gift that Blooms...


**Available everywhere February 14, 2019

Lisa K. Stephenson is a noted fiction author whose characters and
life’s events weave into your imagination with a heartfelt passionate
story of intrigue. The popularity of, “Covenant: The Sister Series
Compilation” is based on real life events that Lisa has carefully
intertwined into her characters that will seem quite real to each
female reader—it’s about real life.
When Bonnie became Bee, Bee became the woman she always dreamed to be, until the man she loved fell in love with Bee. #tobebee is a face/off thrill ride circling between two sisters manipulated by a man they had both come to treasure more than life itself.

The uncontrolled fire, #theinfernoofagem introduces Jewel and Jade, the Thompson sisters. After framing her sister for the murder of her deceased husband, a sad and enraged Jewel sets off on a journey to solving the crime that made her a widow. Two widows, with one resurrection that will change their lives forever.

They say finding the right love is like coming up for air, but no one ever talks about the feeling below the surface. The suffocation, the lack of #oxygen. Both Kayla and Kara are first year law school students battling domestic violence, murder, infidelity and the true meaning of til death do us part... with their paramours. 

Water cleanses what Blood steins
Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone through your man’s phone and found inappropriate text messages being exchanged between him and a woman who is not you. Raises hand, raises both hands. Funny?"
-Lisa K.


Love Smart, Love Independently

Behind my smile, is a painful story. Have you ever wondered the difference between a man’s love and that of your own? I did. I have spent days, months, years pondering how to learn the way a man thinks so I may answer this one question, why am I not good enough? Ladies, Stripping Down: A Blogger’s Diary is more than just a journey of the pain and sacrifices I endured, this is a story that relates to all women! The story of a woman’s voyage through love, pain, independence and assertion. In this self-help book you will learn how to reclaim your power, just as I have, love smart and love with independence. Relationships are half and half and if you find yourself on the higher end of the fulcrum daily then it is time to face facts. Let me strip you down and build you back up, the right way! Here is where you will learn the importance of self-love, appreciation, self-esteem and confidence. Knowledge after all, they say, is key.

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“Men and women in relationships of all kinds endure conflict. There is healthy conflict and of course, you guessed it, unhealthy conflict. Now, let us dissect the two…”
- Lisa K.
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