Lisa K. Stephenson
Change is Eminent. Make it Count.
Motivational Speaker/ Author/ Feminist-Fashionista

The Independent Millennial Woman

Self-love - Independence- Assertion

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Washington, DC - December 29, 2018
Westchester County, NY - February 8, 2019
Atlanta, GA - March 9, 2019

It happens to all women from the new sisters on the dating scene to the experienced executive female-sacrificing their independence and power to a significant other. This challenge is to stand in the spotlight, claim your power once again, and share your success with other women. We must do it together. We are one!

Women are being derailed by relationships across the country costing many of them opportunities in their careers. Join us today! Recapture your power.


The Independent Millennial Woman Series is a workshop I have designed to teach women how to not be ashamed of their knowledge and ambition, rather to find a way of balancing both work and romance. In addition finding a mate that they believe worthy enough to stand with them as they both hope to progress together and not apart, after all, love is not a competition. Healthy relationships consist of people who look to help and inspire one another, uplift one another and aid in the development of their significant other, because at the end of the day two people moving as one will simultaneously reap the benefits of their hard work.